Day 2, Miya and Leo – 11.09.2015

This is from diary about how Miya and Leo became to live together under the same roof.

Read Day 1 if you haven’t yet.


Today Jay told me Miya came out to the living room to scratch the cat tower when he came from work and opened the living room door.

She wasn’t able to do it yesterday because she didn’t come out to the living room because of Leo. 

I was so happy to hear that.

She came out to the living room more than yesterday and now she’s sleeping at the cat tower.  😀 

She went near the living room window as usual and stayed for a while to watch outside.

But she didn’t go sit near the window at Leo’s room which is Miya’s favourite place.  😥 

I think Leo has no idea what’s going on. 

He is just one happy cat. lol

Today I played with Leo with his room door closed so Miya doesn’t find out.

Miya doesn’t seem to like when I stay at Leo’s room….


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