Historic city Bruges, Belgium

The last day in Belgium before we depart to Croatia, we went to Bruges by train.

It takes from Brussels to Bruges about 1.5hrs.

It was raining but not enough to open an umbrella.

It seemed most of the people walking around were tourists but there were not too many people so it was nice to walk around.


They had canal boat ride but we didn’t do it because we didn’t have much time.

Anyway, it was nice to just walk around.

Cloudy sky isn’t too bad, is it?


Mussels are famous in Bruges.

We stopped by at a restaurant and they also had mussels and frites.

Mussels with garlic flavour was delicious!


We also had Bruge local beer called, Zot.

Like all the other Belgian beer, it had its own glass.

That’s what I like about Belgian beer. I can enjoy different kinds of glasses for different beer.



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