I regretted on the first day…

It wasn’t easy for 2 cats to live under the same roof.

They are still not the best buddies but it’s nothing compared to the first day Leo came to our house.

We did lots of research before we had the second cat, Leo.

People said different things.

Some said multiple cats are better so they have each other to play with. Human can never completely fulfill their needs.

But some said if cats don’t get along, they can get stressed and never even be in the same room. That was the LAST THING WE WANT.

It is all about 相性(aishou), meaning how they get along well with each other.

What people said in common was that you can’t really know until the second cat comes and see how they react. It wasn’t really helpful advice at all….

Miya, a Russian Blue, is the first cat.

She is such a lovely cat and behaves always well. She rarely climbs up the wrong places, sleeps well with us in the same bed, never bites off anything, keeps her room very clean, eat and drink very cleanly. All the bad things that cat are well known for, Miya had nothing to do with it.

We never had cat so we thought all cats will be like Miya. So we thought the second cat won’t be so difficult.

Okay, I was W.R.O.N.G.

He was opposite of Miya in terms of everything.

I will talk about this more later.


I fell in love with Leo <3, a Bengal cat, when I saw him at a pet shop in Chiba.

Look at him! How can you NOT love him?! <3<3<3

This is the first day I met Leo and he fell asleep on my knee. <3<3<3

That was the last day he fell asleep on my knee too. lol



We decided to have Leo as our second cat.

On the first day Leo came to our home, I regretted….. 


To be continued…




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