Meeting Miffy in Utrecht, the Netherlands

After our a half day trip to Amsterdam, we got on the train from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

We didn’t know until we read our guidebook that Miffy is from the Netherlands.

And if you go to a place called Utrecht, there is a Miffy statue.

So we decided to go see her.

We arrived in Utrecht. On our way to see the statue, we found a Miffy traffic light!!! So cuuuuuuute. <3 <3 <3

The picture didn’t come out so nice but it is so much cuter if you actually see it.

We found a traffic light for bicycle too. cute. 🙂

We couldn’t find the Miffy statue so easily.

We had the map but it wasn’t easy to find at all…

We asked people and walked around a lot more than we needed to and FINALLY FOUND HER.

It was smaller than we expected but it was Miffy!!!

The sun was going down so we were worried we couldn’t find her before it gets dark.

So we were glad to find her and finally got to take (lots of) pictures with her. 😀

Not just because of Miffy, but Utrecht is a town worth visiting.

It was surprising modern and lots of stylish shops and restaurants.

We stopped by at a random restaurant and had a light meal.

Staffs were very friendly and food was very good too.

It was too bad we couldn’t stay for so long to catch the train back to Brussels.

I don’t know if I will ever be going back to Utrecht, but if you are in the Netherlands, consider visiting the town. IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

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