A perfect half day trip in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The second day of our honeymoon.

It starts with breakfast at Hotel Des Galeries.

The breakfast area was very open with lots of large windows. It was a little bit cloudy that day, but it must be feel very nice on a sunny day.

The breakfast area was also very stylish and clean. It was a small area, but had everything that you need from fresh bread and cheese to yogurt, milk, orange juice and orange juice…

And they had the BEST orange juice!!

Jay likes his egg hard boiled so he set the boiling time to 13 minutes. I think the staff was very surprised because it’s not European style. lol

I don’t know why but I eat a lot for breakfast whenever I go on a trip even though I normally don’t eat breakfast.

I especially like European style breakfast with cheese and bread. YUM~~~ 🙂

We had three nights at Brussels, Belgium.

The second day, we decided to go to Amsterdam for a day trip.

The way to the station, there was a Smurf shop! I didn’t know Smurf was from Brussels.

But the store was closed. I think it was too early in the morning.

We took a train from Brussels to Amsterdam. It takes about 2h 30m. We bought beer and drank on our way. Of course, Belgium beer. They have the BEST BEER!

It was March and I think it is still winter in Belgium and Netherlands. It was a very sunny day but the air was very crisp and cold. We decided to have lunch and a cafe/bar like place at the corner of the street.

We set near the window and I can still feel the warm sun light coming through the window just by looking at this picture. I think we had Heineken beer (from Netherlands) and some sandwich with goat cheese. It was very good. 🙂

This is a picture from a supermarket we randomly found. Very colorful and fresh!

Look at the sky of Amsterdam! So blue with no cloud at all!

It was the perfect day for a boat tour. I recommend a boar tour especially if you spend short time in Amsterdam. But the wind was even colder when we were in the boat.

They have lots of different boat tour that takes you from one place to another. It wasn’t easy to understand the system completely but we happened to get around okay. 😉

We only spent about a half day in Amsterdam.

It’s such as a lovely place to just stroll around streets and stop by at a restaurant for a beer or two. Oh, there was a cheese museum where they sell all kinds of cheese! We bought 3 kinds of cheese and brought back to Japan.

Amsterdam was so nice so we felt it would have been good if we spent a night there. But we had our hotel already booked in Brussels so we had to go back. And we had to go see Miffy in Utrecht, the Netherlands, so we had to get on the train.

I will stay in Amsterdam for more days next time I go there!

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