Okay, we have no idea, yet

We were traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto for our first wedding anniversary and it was one day after we stayed in Kyoto.

I don’t exactly remember when, but it was my husband who first said the idea.

Let’s start our own guest house!

It was out of no where. I would have never thought of the idea. Us? Guest house? In Kyoto?? But it didn’t sound bad at all, actually.

My husband and I have very different background and our career is completely different, my husband in financial and me in IT.

And both of us have no idea about hotel industry.

But somehow we agreed on this idea. It was a very strange feeling but somehow it felt right.

Yeah, why don’t we start our own business, together!

We are two foreigners living in Japan for more than 10 years now.

We both have unique experiences of our own.

It will be different and unique if we bring the world to Japan.

Let’s start from Kyoto! :)


Our first wedding anniversary trip to Kyoto happens to be our life’s turning point.

I’m very excited to start our journey and can’t wait to see the day we open our very own guest house in Kyoto.



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